Making accidents on city roads a thing of the past

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How commercial fleets and logistics companies can make our streets safer

When it comes down to it, urban roads are primarily shared by a number of different road users. From mass and public transportation like busses and cabs, to trucks making deliveries, first responder vehicles, and of course, private automobiles, it’s clear to see just why accidents occur so frequently out on the road.

With that in mind, it’s clear that changes are in order.

The Future of Urban Driving

Commercial fleet managers and automotive insurers alike are looking for new approaches to the transportation of goods and delivery services to make our streets safer in cities across the EU. They seek visual context and a visual solution to help identify and understand the most high risk environments to prevent accidents on the road. Instead of using GPS-based telematics solutions, they’re turning to dashcam video and video analytics to gain greater insight into their routes and driving habits.

Intelligent video analytics could be the pathway forward. So far, research has shown that video analytics has the potential to help drivers avoid high risk events on the road, with approximately 80% of drivers improving their safe driving habits. Not to mention, video analytics can be used in driving instruction and teaching, ultimately customizing the software to meet the needs of drivers.

However, it’s important to remember that this type of technology isn’t just applicable to vehicles — it can be used on bikes, eScooters, and so much more. The potential uses for pedestrians is far reaching, and that’s why AI is poised to pave the way for the future of urban transportation.

AI-Equipped Mobility Solutions

Along with intelligent video analytics, commercial fleet managers and logistics companies are turning to AI-equipped smart dashcams to collect critical road data using computer vision and the latest breakthroughs in technology — also known as “Vision Zero.”

The Cities of Tomorrow

Along with these practical benefits for improving safety on the road, this type of technology also helps to paint a clearer image of the larger picture in terms of urban safety. Urban planning stands to benefit from the insights gained through these types of systems as they will allow planners and city designers to create safer roads and more effective infrastructure moving forward.

The Peregrine Difference

Peregrine’s fleet intelligence platform empowers fleets to score and train their professional drivers with technology at the root of their approach, so that we can pave the way for a safer city and a safer future.

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