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Why we're here

In 2018, when we looked at the pace and the way how camera sensors were added to products in the mobility domain, we saw products that were not as smart as they should be to crack the immense challenges the sector would face. Products often were defined by their hardware and lacked innovation from software and especially had no utilization of cutting-edge machine learning.

At the time we had worked on self-driving car initiatives in Silicon Valley and Europe from maps and Tier-1s to OEMs and Academia. Our belief was that vehicle sensors – especially those generating visual context – should not solely contribute to safety applications. We wanted to go beyond that.

We saw a need for a different kind of technology to make cameras smart and turn fresh insights from millions of devices into the engine of new business models and the spark of new value created. That’s why we started Peregrine.ai

What drives us?

Zero accidents

Intelligent vision systems are perfect for identifying high-risk events and reducing accidents in global traffic. We are fully committed to contribute to VISION ZERO of the European Union.

Zero emission

Minimizing CO2 emissions caused by the transportation industry is a joint effort of many sectors. Visual data is key to better understanding inefficiencies in traffic and adapting to sustainable driving behavior.

Zero barriers

Mobility for all is easier said than done. We use our technology to point out barriers and limitations in infrastructure for people as well as new forms of transportation (e.g. ebikes, scooters).

Meet our Founders


Dr. Steffen Heinrich



Dr. Naja von Schmude



Jorit Schmelzle


Our strong network of domain experts and advisors


Floris van de Klashorst

Former Head of MaaS at VW, ex- Renault, HERE, Nokia


Chris Riley

General Partner at VEKTOR Partners, ex-GS, Greenhill, Moelis, SocGen


Katja Kühnel

Investment Manager at Brandenburg Kapital


Sebastian Bihari

Partner at VEKTOR Partners, former Head of Automotive Investment Banking at BNP Paribas


Tinosch Ganjineh

Co-Founder AutoNOMOS(Exit to TomTom)


Prof. Dr. Carsten Rother

University of Heidelberg, computer vision and machine learning expert

Awards / acknowledgments & accelerators

Join our team

We are always looking for technology enthusiasts to grow our diverse, international team in our Berlin headquarters.


Peregrine.ai was founded in 2019 in Berlin. We have since grown from three to an international team of over 20 people from 8 countries.

Company values

Innovation and uniqueness

We make it our mission to tackle challenges and create solutions that are truly one-of-a-kind in the world of applied science.

Open and collaborative culture

We have an open-door policy, ensuring that knowledge flows freely, and decisions are made collectively with transparency at the forefront.

Diversity and inclusion

We go beyond boundaries, fostering a culture where diverse perspectives come together to drive innovation and excellence.

Social responsibility

We do more than develop products; we make a positive impact on society by prioritizing solutions that benefit the greater good.

Entrepreneurial persistence

We embrace the entrepreneurial spirit, relentlessly pursuing our vision with unwavering determination, resilience, and a commitment to turning challenges into opportunities.

Data privacy and ethics

We take data seriously, following the highest standards to protect it, ensuring that privacy and ethics are at the heart of our operations.

We're Peregrine.ai

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