Protect your fleet,
ensure better business

Aplomado, by Peregrine, brings an intelligent dash cam into your vehicle to provide you
with real-time information that will reduce accidents, increase safety and lower your cost of insurance.


Safety first


Lower Cost


Accidents Reductions

The Next Generation of Video Telematics

Risk Scoring

Understand your risk on the road through a unique visual risk assessment of every vehicle.

Easy Claim Assistance

Seamlessly include automatically detected incidents with extensive data analyses in your claims reporting.

Accident Alerts

Be informed about critical events in your fleet in real-time.

Weekly Reports

Everything at a glance – event reports and fleet statistics easily accessible in your inbox on your smartphone.

Get Your Safety-as-a-Service-Solution

No need to buy hardware, the Aplomado Cam and related services are included in a monthly service fee.


Aplomado +

Accident Alerts

Easy Claims Reporting

Risk Scoring

Weekly Reports

Event Video Library

Live Tracking
and Risk Hotspot Maps

See only relevant videos and statistics through the power of AI

Aplomado is your safety solution, not just another tool. The Aplomado Cam provides drivers with risk information and ensures fleet managers see only relevant videos and statistics. Our unique software is driven by AI, leaving you more time to focus on your business while we protect your fleet.
Get your Safety-as-a-Service Solution
No need to buy hardware, the Aplomado Cam and related services are included in a monthly service fee.


Aplomado +

Accident alerts
Easy claims reporting
Driver alerts
Weekly reports
Event video library
Live tracking and risk hotspot maps

Visual Intelligence for Every Vehicle


External facing camera transmits only relevant data. Internal facing cameras and microphones are disabled.


Self-installation process of fewer than 3 minutes. No hardwiring is required – requires only a power source.

Plug & Play

Device powers on and off with the vehicle. No interaction by the driver required.

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Further questions?

What are the requirements to use the Peregrine system?

There are two technical requirements for our system: (1) A power outlet (12V) and (2) sufficient space on the windshield to install a smartphone mount.

Do I need to bring vehicles into my workshop for integration?

No. Our ready-to-use devices can be installed by non-technical employees in less than 3 minutes. Manuals and instructions for the installation are provided with every device and are downloadable in the help section of our fleet intelligence software.

How long does it take to integrate the system?

Less than 3 minutes per vehicle.

Do I need to train my drivers to operate the system?

We have designed our product for minimal driver interactions. Drivers can fully focus on their job and will not have to worry about the system. Once plugged in and powered on, the device works automatically. A user manual is provided with each device and downloadable in the help section of our fleet intelligence software.

Does Peregrine monitor the inside of the cabin?

No information (video or audio) from inside the cabin is processed, recorded or stored.

Will there be updates for the app?

Our solution improves with every mile driven. To protect your fleet in the best way possible, Peregrine frequently updates your devices with the newest version over the air.

What measures do you take to ensure the safety of my data?

Video data on the devices is only stored with encryption (AES, RSA). Your video data is automatically anonymized. Additionally, video data is encrypted by the cloud service provider.

Can I use my existing fleet management system?

Peregrine’s fleet intelligence platform can be used alongside your current fleet management system. It will provide you with additional, unique data from visual insights gained on the road, giving you an edge over your competition.