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Peregrine-powered dashcams are capable of perceiving their environment, understanding it and alerting to potential risks – that’s what we call vision-based safety.

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Risk assessment at the edge

Our software processes video data from the front and cabin cameras, as well as vehicle dynamics and position data, directly on the device – evaluating the environment several times per second. Only when a relevant event is detected, an alert is generated to inform the driver or the fleet management.

Seamless data integration

We collect, process and provide the data generated by the camera fleet, tailored to our users’ and customers’ needs. Thereby, we provide the highest privacy and security standards, such as anonymisation of personal data and end-to-end encryption.

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Traffic participants

Detecting and interacting with vulnerable road users can pose a major challenge to drivers. Our software reliably distinguishes between several different types of traffic participants.

Our object detection system identifies traffic signs and traffic lights and detects speeding and red light violations.

Determining driving lane stability and distances to other vehicles allows the detection of lane departure and tailgating.

Weather-indicated road slips can heavily impact driving safety. We empower you to determine weather conditions with a dashcam.

Recognizing safe driving behaviour and incentifying drivers has a positive effect on claim management expenses.

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We support a growing number of widely-used dashcam platforms and can quickly integrate on new ones.

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Tailor-made integration

Data and insights are prepared in the quality, granularity, and frequency our telematics partners need, e.g. to enhance existing performance metrics and coaching programs.

Data privacy is our priority

Video data contains personal information such as faces and license plates. Peregrine’s technology automatically anonymizes information at the petabyte scale before storing traffic scenes. This differentiates our technology from common dashcams or other video solutions.

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Less than 25% of events reported by traditional telematics actually indicate an elevated risk level. Visual context enables the identification of truly relevant events.

Naja von Schmude

Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder

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