Next generation
video telematics

Peregrine‘s unique technology brings visual intelligence behind the windshield of any vehicle. Combining the best of telematics with the power of visual context enables drivers to operate safely, efficiently and sustainably. 

Protect vehicles, drivers and all traffic participants

Reduce costs of insurance
and downtime

Improve the service and operational efficiency

Optimize routes & consumptions, reduce GHG emissions


Fleet intelligence

Keep an extra eye on your commercial fleet with unique technology and a  intelligent solution.

For Partners

Machine Vision SDK

Empower your team to build a safer and more sustainable mobility ecosystem for all by integrating Peregrine’s powerful Vision SDK. Get smart computer vision capabilities for your mobility application, your camera product or your automotive car data platform

Your privacy matters

Video data contains personal information such as faces and license plates. Our solution removes and anonymizes such information automatically before storing your traffic scenes. This differentiates Peregrine’s technology from common dashcams or other video solutions.

Protection of personal information

To protect your privacy, general and personal information is differentiated completely compliant with the GDPR at all times

Evaluation at the edge

Real-time video analytics evaluate traffic situations on your embedded devices (no internet connection required)

Automated Anonymization

Personal information is automatically anonymized before carefully selected
scenes are stored (e.g. accidents)