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Peregrine’s Fleet Intelligence Platform provides actionable information for commercial fleet operators and mobility services from every mile driven using AI powered video analytics.

Unlock your potential


Fleet intelligence

Keep an extra eye on your commercial fleet with unique technology and a modern & intelligent enterprise solution.


Machine Vision SDK

Empower your team to build a safer and more sustainable mobility ecosystem for all by integrating Peregrine’s powerful Vision SDK. Get smart computer vision capabilities for your mobility application, your camera product or your automotive car data platform

Your privacy matters

Video data contains personal information such as faces and license plates. Our solution removes and anonymizes such information automatically before storing your traffic scenes. This differentiates Peregrine’s technology from common dashcams or other video solutions.


Protection of personal information

To protect your privacy, general and personal information is differentiated completely compliant with the GDPR at all times


Evaluation at the edge

Real-time video analytics evaluate traffic situations on your embedded devices (no internet connection required)


Automated Anonymization

Personal information is automatically anonymized before carefully selected
scenes are stored (e.g. accidents)

Media coverage & partner programs

“With the long-term goal of enabling the breakthrough of autonomous driving, Peregrine Technologies is set to become the platform for visual data required for autonomous driving.”

Podcast Interview with CEO Dr. Steffen Heinrich and Dr. Robin Tech from Delphai. ‚ÄúPeregrine focuses on the future of real-time analysis of video traffic data.”

Overview of innovative German and Berlin-based startups on the Consumer Electronics Show 2020 (CES) in Las Vegas.

News, updates and insights

Making accidents on city roads a thing of the past

Accidents and fatalities on city roads still occur way too frequently. Changes are in order. Empowered by smart real-time video analytics, commercial fleets contribute to a safer mobility ecosystem for all.

Covid-19 accelerated the mobility transformation

Slowly adapting over the last few years, the ongoing pandemic has accelerated the change in demand for mobility services and transportation. In a more complex urban traffic environment new safety solutions are required.

Why visual context matters for fleets

Different players in the automotive sector had high hopes for telematics solutions. However, telematics fail to answer one crucial question: Why are things happening on the road? Smart real-time video analytics solve this issue.

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