Peregrine enables industry leaders to create value from millions of visual sensors

Visual Intelligence from edge-to-cloud
through an end-to-end approach

Vision SDK

ML-based perception stack for embedded systems.

Data Engine

Suite of visual intelligence services.

Solutions for Mobility

AI-powered Video Telematics making fleets safer

Keep an extra eye on your commercial fleet with unique technology and an intelligent solution.

Smart Data Campaigning for ADAS and AV software

See only relevant data, just-in-time with smart data campaigning. 

Fresh-Geo-Location data for better maps and GIS

Add value to maps, smart cities and mobility services with fresh, visual data to truly understand what is happening on the road.

Data Privacy Matters

Video data contains personal information such as faces and license plates. Peregrine’s technology automatically anonymizes information at a petabyte scale before storing traffic scenes. This differentiates our technology from common dash cams or other video solutions.