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From autonomous cars to logistics, insurance, and smart cities. Mobility offerings require AI powered situational awareness to operate at their best in the physical world.


The real world is built for humans. It is an immensely complex problem for machines to make sense of human behavior and interactions. Peregrine implements the perception ability of the human cognitive system into breakthrough technology for vehicle cameras. This allows the collection of a much broader data set that is relevant in almost every mobility sector. 

Peregrine’s Software stack enables fast and scalable data collection. Our unique hybrid approach of edge and cloud analytics as well as data fusion gives us an upper hand in the market for contextual data.

We provide decentralized decision making and real-time video analytics to make driving in cities safer and cleaner. Cities benefit from optimized traffic flow, less congestion, better individual driving behavior and ultimately, a massive reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.

Together we strive to connect the physical to the digital world with technology that we love.

How it works

We develop specialized computer vision solutions for embedded systems. This allows us to generate a new quality of real world information from street-level video in real-time. By deriving scene context from traffic video sequences, we deliver superior data and advanced analytics services.


We offer a suite of services based on contextual data sets which add benefit to several mobility related domains.

Smart City

Our technology eliminates the need for resource-intensive infrastructure projects. We help monitoring the road infrastructure and improve road safety as well as traffic flow in city centers with real-time data.

Mobility and Autonomous Driving

We are able to identify edge-cases and provide specific training material for certain localities in different cities for autonomous vehicles. Our system only collects and processes relevant data which reduces the necessary bandwidth and handling effort.


Our technology mitigates risk and reduces claims through creating situational awareness which makes the insurance of vehicle fleets more manageable. In addition, we enable our customers to offer individualized and usage-based insurance products through behavioral insights.

How drivers and fleet operators benefit through Peregrine

The Peregrine Platform incorporates risk identification (routes, drivers, time of operation, etc.) as well as live recommendations and warnings to mitigate individual hazardous situations. Our advanced analytics pipeline can be used for driver education. Safer driving results in higher overall efficiency, and lower insurance premiums. Our software includes collision warning, distraction warning, individualized risk profile based route planning, attention management, data enabling usage based insurance, and a certificate of safe fleet driving if applicable.

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Accessing real world information with Peregrine

Camera systems provide the semantically richest representation of the environment. Our customers selectively subscribe to content of their interest through our developer APIs. Please contact us if you would like to find out more!

Our Team

Dr. Steffen Heinrich, CEO

Dr. Naja von Schmude, CTO

Jorit J. K. Schmelzle, CPO

Klaus Beucher, Advisor

Gert Zimmer, Advisor

Prof. Dr. Carsten Rother, Advisor

What drives our team

We aspire to become the world leading real-time video analytics company, connecting the physical and the digital world. Our team is not only driven by breakthrough machine learning and computer vision technology. But by the impact that we strive to have on the cities and communities around us as well as globally. We strive for excellent and meaningful solutions, embrace diversity and foster an environment where every day we grow and learn from each other as we work.

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