AI-powered vision, for smarter cameras

Creating new value from visual data in mobility

We build the most efficient perception systems to power millions of cameras around the globe – delivering unparalleled contextual awareness in mobility, for vision-based safety, fresher maps and smarter cities.

Making cameras smart

Unlocking new data services

Preserving privacy

Industry solutions

AI at the Edge Transforms Fleet Safety Technology with Video Telematics

Telematics: smart dashcams for superior road safety

Through our AI-powered visual intelligence software, we transcend conventional object detection, enabling any dash cam to understand what’s happening in traffic – a transformative breakthrough for uncovering valuable traffic insights.

Geo-location services: every trip turned into fresh data

With our AI powered sourcing approach we generate a holistic view on Europe’s mobility data space. Focusing on data that contain valuable information for our customers we generate tailored knowledge about road and traffic conditions.

Best of AI at the Edge

Maximize efficiency with Peregrine's energy-efficient machine learning at the edge of technology.

Efficient data handling

Do more with less data. Peregrine optimizes campaigns for smarter results using minimal bandwidth

Robotics perception

Uncover valuable insights by fusing and analyzing data effectively and generating contextual awareness.

Data privacy matters

Video data contains personal information such as faces and license plates. Peregrine’s technology automatically anonymizes information at petabyte scale before storing traffic scenes. This differentiates our technology from common dash cams or other video solutions.

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Visual intelligence: the key to safer roads’s visual intelligence solution helps you to target and source data for a safer and more sustainable mobility ecosystem for all. 

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