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The future of real-time traffic video analytics

We make machines perceive the world as humans do.

Moving through a world built for humans

Navigating through traffic and making safe and confident judgements is a demanding and stressful challenge for drivers as well as pedestrians. Still, most severe accidents happen close to areas where people live and work. 

We want to change that.

Thanks to our breakthrough AI technology, we enable cameras to gain awareness of the surrounding world, create a superior data set for advanced mobility analytics and recommend actions to our customers and drivers.


We support drivers, fleet operators and mobility services to save lives and money.


Our solution understands what is happening on the road. The software for fleet intelligence runs on devices that transportation professionals use daily.

You drive. We take care of the rest.
Fleet operations intelligence

A dashcam with our software improves the safety of your fleet, increases productivity and saves you money.

  • Accurate driver scores
  • Effortless safety improvements
  • Easy fuel optimization
Mobility data analytics

We offer you advanced analytics from visual data. Insurance and mobility companies are already benefiting from it.

  • Individual access to traffic data and analytics
  • Build data-driven products and services with us
  • Understand behaviors, risk and traffic culture
Machine Vision SDK for developers

Integrate our machine vision SDK into your solution for dashcam and automotive camera systems as well as mobile applications. 

  • Make your camera product smarter
  • Use insights from sensors in mobile apps
  • License our algorithms for your use cases

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We have more than 20 years of experience in robotics, self-driving and automotive. We strive for excellent and meaningful solutions, embrace diversity and foster an environment where every day we grow and learn from each other as we work.

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