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We are your partner for highly efficient computer vision and AI-driven perception software on embedded systems. We support your company from the identification of use cases to the development and operation of scaled solutions.

Adaptive CV stack

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What we do

We enable you to power the next generation of real-world robotics applications.

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Research and development

We strive to validate the cutting-edge discoveries from research into practical applications while simultaneously generating our own scientific contributions. To this end, we engage in national and international research projects, maintain bilateral collaborations with world-class universities and cultivate an in-house research unit.

We have established a unique expertise in the design of scalable machine learning-driven perception systems from edge to cloud in a wide variety of contexts over the past years. Thereby, we excel in the engineering of efficient embedded architectures, utilizing spare capacity on mobile devices.

By always putting the user value first, we focus on fast time to market to collect feedback and continuously iterate and optimise the a technical system implementation. In doing so, we leverage’s experience and modular technology stack.

Use cases

Utilizing our Computer Vision Software on thousands of camera devices on the road we are able to collect information with great coverage and update them in unkown frequency.

Real-time monitoring of operational design domains

As part of Gaia-X for Future Mobility, we have been leading a project to develop an ODD-based coordination service for automated vehicles.

Machine learning for spatial safety

We deployed our anonymization, object detection and classification algorithms as part of a smart city project in Bavaria, using Nvidia Jetson-equipped stationary cameras.

Reference testing for vision systems

Together with the Allianz Center for Technology, we conducted an accident detection test with smart dashcams, matching or exceeding 10x more expensive sensor setups.

Technical building blocks

We enable the scalable implementation and seamless integration of our perception systems through the combination of proven technical building blocks.


OTA updates

Modular framework

Cloud services

Ready-to-use data APIs

Automatic anonymization


Global connectivity solutions

Supported platforms

Privacy is our priority

Video data contains personal information such as faces and license plates. Peregrine’s technology automatically anonymizes information at petabyte scale before storing traffic scenes. This differentiates our technology from common dash cams or other video solutions.

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