Build better maps, cities and services
with fresh visual data

Validate your data, gain new insights and solve bigger problems with visual data.

Peregrine turns every mile driven into valuable information


Plug & Play Setup

All required equipment can be installed in any vehicle in less than 5 minutes and needs no driver interaction at all times.


Collection in Real time

The devices live annotate all traffic scenes and understand what’s happening on and off the road.


Fresh GIS data

Fresh, high quality GIS data is automatically anonymized and published to an easy to use dashboard.

Millions of kilometers driven on urban roads

Our software travels millions of miles collecting data points with our driving partners. This allows us to offer fresh visual data to mobility stakeholders to build safer and more sustainable ecosystem.

We are experiencing urban environment in various conditions: At day and night time, all weather conditions from snow and fog to bright sunlight, crowded and empty roads. In addition, we observe rare traffic conditions and edge cases for traffic safety.

Serving the right data points for a variety of use cases every day

Let us help you to monitor changes to construction sites, validate speed restrictions, build more cycle friendly cities – and many more use cases.

Fully automated anonymization processes

Peregrine’s solution satisfies the highest standards of data privacy. Our intelligent system differentiates general and personal information compliant with the GDPR.


Visual Data
and the Privacy Debate

Steffen Heinrich
CEO & Founder

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