Supercharged vision-based safeguarding

Powered by Peregrine cloud, this Jimi JC261 camera solution  easily integrates with your fleet management system.

Never miss an accident via remote black box recordings.

Protect your fleets with relevant hazard warnings & triggers.

Simple hardware, sophisticated insights at the pixel level.

Your first dash cam companion

Common affordable market entry dash cam solutions tend to generate an amount of video recordings fleet managers can hardly handleOur connected cam cuts through the noise. Give your clients an efficient, stress-free, and secure dash cam experience, minimizing data consumption to a bare minimum.

A close telematics partner told me that only 6% of video events from state of the art dash cam solutions contain relevant information for their customers.

Benjamin Croseck

Head of Sales

The Jimi JC261: supercharged

We connect the Jimi JC261 to our cloud servers and unlock its full potential. We adjust its configuration to trigger accident recordings only and deactivate ABC detections. Since that comes at the risk of missing important events, we integrate a video request service for past events. The result? You always get the videos you need.

GDPR-Compliant Jimi JC261

Easy setup, easier operation

Our Connected Cam solution enables you to leverage event videos, GPS information and meta data on your existing fleet management system via Open API. A cost efficient and meaningful dash cam you can get on the road immediately.

How it works


Purchase JC261s from the vendor

Upgrade integrates its cloud services


Link the API to your FMS & deploy cam on fleet

Data privacy is our priority

Video data contains personal information such as faces and license plates. automatically anonymizes information at petabyte scale before storing traffic scenes.

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