Leverage the power of traffic video analytics

Get superior real time data with Peregrine’s AI powered Vision SDK and understand why things are happening on the road. Turn video streams from your camera product or mobile application into visual context.


Optimized for low power use cases


Built for any camera


Decentralized edge processing

A new way to build perception systems: Federated teaching for machine learning.

Decentralized – A learning process guided by humans

When handling video data, it is key to only transfer, store and post-process data with relevant information. Our system has learned to distinguish traffic behavior from professionals: Drivers.

Meaning – Describing events in traffic

Our Vision SDK sees the full picture – beyond ADAS and autonomous related object classes. An urban traffic scene has a high dimensional state space. To generate meaning, we’re assessing causalties of all present inputs.

Interpretation – Create Situational Awareness

Based on our federated teaching approach, we are able to determine traffic events from a broad range of scenarios. We derive actionable information and gain superior data based insights.

Fully automated anonymization processes

Peregrine’s solution satisfies the highest standards of data privacy. Our intelligent system differentiates general and personal information compliant with the GDPR.

Any camera, any car

Turn your dashcam or built-in camera into a smart device with Peregrine’s Machine Vision SDK. Use our SDK to integrate and deploy your own solutions.

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Frequently asked questions

Please get in touch. We do require certain specs regarding chipsets, memory and operating system configurations.

Yes it can and there might be reasons to do exactly that. Peregrine’s Vision SDK is a powerful, service-enabling system. It is not designed to actively control actuators (steering or pedals) in safety critical situations.

Developers using our Vision SDK can choose elements of the tech stack. Our technology consists of object detection and tracking, localization and data fusion (spatial and temporal) components.

Yes please. Peregrine’s strength is a super fast turnaround time for network model or algorithm improvements.

Our SDK can share visual insights (anonymous metadata) directly within the application.

“Get access to Peregrine’s perception capabilities and improve your own app or service with our Vision SDK. Start using visual insights from the surrounding traffic instantly.”

Dr. Naja von Schmude | CTO at Peregrine Technologies

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