Just-in-time Visual Data Campaigning

Avoid exhaustive data collection with targeted campaigns identifying hard-to-find items and unknown scenarios at the edge


Vehicle sensors generate >4TB of raw data per day per vehicle
Transmitting and storing all data is very expensive and time-consuming
Needles in a haystack: a long tail to get to the valuable insights


Just-in-time Visual Data Campaigning

From Berlin to Las Vegas

How we enabled Visual Intelligence in Las Vegas

We brought our perception software into cars driving over thousands miles

We went to see professional drivers across the city

We gave them Aplomado CAMs to install in their vehicles

In 5 days, we covered a lot of distance


professional drivers


kilometers driven

~5 million

scenes analyzed at the edge


of data campaigns successfully conducted

CES 2022

Our driving partners enabled us to bring visual intelligence to the road and run visual data campaigns from our booth at CES.

Live demonstration of the engine sourcing capabilities

Introducing our tool: Scene Xplorer

Even though we had only 6 devices in the field, we were able to source visual context data & imagery for highly complex and not pre-learned situations as well as landmarks.

Jorit Schmelzle
Co-Founder and CPO


We engaged with attendees to allow them to run data campaigns in our tool.
Visitors at our booth had a lot of interesting scenes requests.

Valentine provides us with a picture of a crowded pedestrian crossing scene.

When a crowded pedestrian crossing was detected by our perception software at the edge, the scene was automatically captured, processed, anonymized and transmitted from the vehicle in real-time.

The scenes detected were collected in libraries. For this specific request, we generated 300 results in less than 24hours!

Our Scene Xplorer was able to run successful data campaigns, collecting millions of images of defined scenes under many different conditions - during daylight or night with sun or rain and from multiple angles.

Since we were in Las Vegas we also challenged our Scene Xplorer to obtain scenes including some of the most famous landmarks of the city - like the Montgolfier Balloon or the Strat Tower.

Our technology allows you to filter visual sensor data for very specific scenarios – for example, a night drive in the rain with five vehicles and two bicycles present in a round-about. Capturing data in pre-defined conditions and receiving it just-in-time will save significant resources and enable faster results.

Virginia Turner Taborda
Head of Growth

In 24 hours, a campaign is able to find thousands of images.

We tested the scene Xplorer before we went to Las Vegas and also had some very interesting results.

Let us enable you to run just-in-time data campaigns.
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