Protect your fleet, ensure better business

Peregrine’s fleet intelligence service provides actionable information from AI powered video telematics.

Protect vehicles, drivers and all traffic participants

Reduce costs of insurance
and downtime

Improve the service and operational efficiency

Optimize routes & consumptions, reduce GHG emissions

The next generation of traffic video analytics

  • Risk scores
  • Videos
  • Identify risks
  • Improve safety
  • Compatability

Accurate risk scores

Understand individual driving patterns of your fleet. Accurate driving performance scores are available from Peregrine’s platform, enabling you to improve driving performance with tailored teaching solutions.

Videos when you need them the most

Peregrine’s solution supports your claims process by providing critical visual evidence in case of disputes. Video sequences are automatically labeled, classified and uploaded to a secure cloud, as the AI detects critical situations in real-time.

Identify risks across vehicles,
routes and operations

Understand the risks and challenges drivers face along their routes based on actionable information from Peregrine’s fleet intelligence platform. Optimize your routes, mitigate high-risk events by predicting potential future traffic risks.

Improve your fleet safety

Identify the driving events and behaviors with the highest impact on your fleet’s safety. Keep track of developments and improvements over time with advanced mobility analytics.

Compatible with all vehicles

Peregrine’s solution is compatible with every type of vehicle participating in traffic and all types of driver assistance systems. Once installed, intelligent video analytics support your fleet on every mile driven.

Powered by breakthrough AI technology

Combine the best of telematics with the power of visual context. Peregrine’s technology provides you with capabilities known from driver assistant systems and brings them behind the windshields of your vehicles – regardless of make or model.


Further questions?

There are two technical requirements for our system: (1) A power outlet (12V) and (2) sufficient space on the windshield to install a smartphone mount.

No. Our ready-to-use devices can be installed by non-technical employees in less than 3 minutes. Manuals and instructions for the installation are provided with every device and are downloadable in the help section of our fleet intelligence software.

Less than 3 minutes per vehicle.

We have designed our product for minimal driver interactions. Drivers can fully focus on their job and will not have to worry about the system. Once plugged in and powered on, the device works automatically. A user manual is provided with each device and downloadable in the help section of our fleet intelligence software.

No information (video or audio) from inside the cabin is processed, recorded or stored.

Our solution improves with every mile driven. To protect your fleet in the best way possible, Peregrine frequently updates your devices with the newest version over the air.

Video data on the devices is only stored with encryption (AES, RSA). Your video data is automatically anonymized. Additionally, video data is encrypted by the cloud service provider.

Peregrine’s fleet intelligence platform can be used alongside your current fleet management system. It will provide you with additional, unique data from visual insights gained on the road, giving you an edge over your competition.

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